Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Garden Gnome is Chair Shopping...

So I hired him... I hired that annoying garden gnome that is supposed to whack me with a chair for each month that passes by without a published post. Remember? I mentioned him on my last post. So he's pretty much scared me into posting something. So I got busy.
No, I'm not being as fancy as I was once upon a year ago with the epic-looking picture and the catchy post titles (although I must say, this post's title is a rather interesting one...) but I do try my best nevertheless. As I explained later, my hobbies sort of took a turn. I went from writing blogposts for CTGA to writing blogposts for LCWYM to writing entire books and I'm trying to get back to writing on here as hard as I can. So I would really like to just think of something spectacular right now and write until my fingers bleed, but that hasn't been happening *sad face* so what do I do?
I think of something spectacular and write until my fingers bleed, that's what I do!
I love analogies. They're so fun! Jesus used them a whole bunch of times to talk about important stuff. Today, I would like to use CTGA as an analogy... an analogy of backsliding, more or less. When I started this blog, I was sooooo excited. I posted, like, every 5 days it seemed like. I apparently had a lot to say, and I just wanted to put it out to the world. But then as my priorities changed, I moved a couple times, I met new people, I explored more things, and CTGA was left in the corner to spit curses at me and bawl their blogspots out, and who was I to care? Man, I've been so mean, it seems like. Once I finally realized that it exists (I mean, I knew it existed, I just didn't care that it existed), I felt sorry for it, and decided to come back.
So, hi there!
A lot of times we treat Christianity like I have treated CTGA, when we first see it, we are just so excited about it and before the sun sets, everyone knows who your new self is. And then life happens, your priorities change, and you soon ignore who you are and what you're supposed to do. I mean, my Facebook lists my job as "Author at Christaholic: The God Addiction" and I still choose to put it aside, just like we are constantly reminded that we are Christians by going to church every Sunday and Wednesday, but we still tend to put it aside. During my absence, I've told around a dozen people that I had a blog; but there's a difference from having something and actually using something. Like, I can be the author of CTGA until the day I die, but if I don't actually write in it, am I actually being it's author? I mean, you can have Christ accessible and call yourself a Christian, but if you only like Him on certain days or mention who He is a couple times during the month, are you  actually what you claim to be? Being a Christian is a full time job (an awesome full-time job, at that) when you unconditionally love Christ and live for Him every single day; and writing for CTGA is too, if it's not posting, it's planning, writing, or editing a post. So I plan on changing my priorities again, get motivated and do stuff! I don't have time to backslide, for goodness' sake! If you're going through some backsliding in Christianity, or really anything else of importance, then do likewise. Change your priorities, perhaps find an accountability partner to motivate you and do stuff! It's certainly easier said than done, but it must happen. Hope you had a Gospel-filled month!
So, I shall hopefully see you later, and I plan on disappointing that silly gnome. >8D

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
(1 Corinthians 15:58)

In Christ,

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